About the team

As of November 2014, the Transportation & Logistics team is creating a GIS-based map of the transportation assets in the region. Over the summer, staff from the Northwestern Indiana Regional Planning Commission (NIRPC) collected and collated asset data and GIS shapefiles from regional partners including Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning and Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission. In August, NIRPC working in tandem with the Purdue Center for Innovation through Visualization and Simulation (CIVS) provided the data to the Purdue Center for Regional Development, where the data is will be imported into the Purdue Regional Decision Maker Transportation GIS and mapped. The desired outcomes include identifying the existing interconnected transportation infrastructure as well as underutilized assets in order to build a model for the future that local mayors and other elected officials can use in terms of policy making and funding requests. In a separate effort, the team is also reaching out to the private sector to enhance support for developing a regional brand.

Team Manager

Steve Schlickman2Stephen E. Schlickman, JD
Stephen (Steve) E. Schlickman has over 35 years of transportation experience beginning as a bus driver in 1975 to becoming the Executive Director of the Chicago area Regional Transportation Authority in 2005, a post he left October 1, 2010 to join University of Illinois at Chicago’s Urban Transportation Center (UTC) as its Executive Director. There he manages an over $2 million transportation research program. In his various positions Steve has been involved in all major surface transportation initiatives in Illinois and on the federal level since 1980 and participated in obtaining billions of dollars of funding for Illinois and the Chicago region. Steve was in a Chicago Transit Authority leadership position in the funding and reform of the RTA in 1983 and while at the RTA led the funding and reform initiative in 2007/08. While at the Chicago Transit Authority in the 1980s, Steve led national efforts related to funding for transit modernization and expansion and, in the early 1990s, managed a light rail project for downtown Chicago. He has been a national leader in the transit industry having formed on-going national coalitions such as the New Start Working Group (sponsors of rail expansion projects) and the Metropolitan Rail Discussion Group (the largest and oldest rail/bus transit systems in the nation). He has also worked on aviation and other public infrastructure initiatives, most notably the federal passage of the airport passenger facility charge authorization in 1990. As the first director of Chicago Mayor Daley’s Washington DC office, Steve oversaw Chicago’s involvement in all federal legislation affecting municipal government including the Clean Air Act amendments, the Americans with Disabilities Act, and Community Development Block Grant funding. For many years, Steve ran a very successful private consulting practice specializing in transportation policy, finance and advocacy during which his client Macquarie Bank of Australia teamed with the Cintra Company of Spain to acquire the$1.8 billion concession on the Chicago Skyway. He was also on the leadership team advocating for the Midwest High Speed Rail initiative. While at the UTC Steve led research on funding for transit and high speed rail. Steve is on the Board of Directors of the Center for Neighborhood Technology, the Chicago area Active Transportation Alliance, and the Neighborhood Capital Budget Group, and is a leader in the American Public Transportation Association’s Legislative Committee. Steve’s undergraduate degree is from Georgetown University and law degree is from DePaul University.