Transportation Quarterly Conversation

2016 Quarterly Conversation Series
“How Intercity Rail & Freight Movement Ties Our Economies Together
Friday, June 10, 2016

Working with the Tri-State region’s three MPOs (CMAP, NIRPC & SEWRPC), the Alliance for Regional Development identified inter-city passenger rail and freight movement as a focus for its transportation agenda. On June 10, 2016, the Alliance hosted a half-day conference to examine those topics.

The PowerPoint Presentation video, and list of panelists are below.


PowerPoint Presentation





Panel Discussions and Panelists:

How State Governments View Intercity Passenger Rail
Departments of Transportation from around the region presented their states’ plans for intercity passenger rail. In addition to audience participation, the speakers included were:

Jamie Rennert, U.S. Department of Transportation (moderator)

Steve Coxhead, Indiana Passenger Rail Alliance

Tim Hoeffner, Michigan Department of Transportation

Beth McCluskey, Illinois Department of Transportation

Arun Rao, Wisconsin Department of Transportation

Local Economic Value of Intercity Passenger Rail
The panelists presented their perspectives on the economic value and other benefits of passenger rail investments. In addition to audience participation,  the speakers included were:

John Robert Smith, Transportation for America (moderator)

Bill Hanna, Northwest Indiana Regional Development Authority

Howard Lerner, Environmental Law & Policy Center

P.S. Sriraj, UIC Urban Transportation Center

Freight Movement Challenges and Opportunities
Freight transportation experts discussed how to improve freight movement for our region. In addition to audience participation,  the speakers included were:

Stephen E. Schlickman, Alliance Transportation Team Leader (moderator)

Donna Brown-Martin, Wisconsin Department of Transportation

Michael Burton, C&K Trucking, LLC

Daniel Gadow, Swissport Cargo Services

Adrian Guerrero, Union Pacific Railroad

Jeffrey Sriver, CREATE, City of Chicago